Artist Bio - Diana Miskell

Diana Miskell

 From the time I was able to hold a pencil and make somewhat recognizable pictures on construction paper, horses have been what I have drawn. I do not know why, having been exposed only to television horses and never receiving my pony from Santa. As soon as I was earning my own living, a horse was my first purchase. Other horses followed, weekend horse shows, Pony Club days, the Ottawa Valley Hunt, making great friends with whom I am still in touch today - the memories are wonderful. Cattle and cows became another interest of mine. Their bodies have such interesting angles and they are gentle and curious creatures.

I’m still painting today. Anatomical correctness is important to me, so I strive to present the animals as realistically as possible. I also like to present the horses and cattle in their day to day environment, perhaps to tell a visual story about their lives.

I hold membership in the Surrey Arts Council, the American Society of Bovine Artists, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and American Plains Artists.