Moving and Art

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
We are getting down to the last few weeks before our move to Costa Rica. Today I started preparing my paintings for storage.
We went to Rona and bought five pipe insulation tubes, but I’ll have to get more.  Home Depot also sells them. They are perfect for wrapping around the edges of paintings as protection. Then I placed precut pink insulation boards over the insulation tubes, wrapped the paintings in a large plastic bag and stuffed them into one of those big mirror boxes you can buy at UPS or similar shipping/storage places.
Since we are renting a shipping/storage container from 604 Storage, I can ensure that the paintings are placed in such a way that, hopefully, they don’t get damaged when they get shipped to Costa Rica. 
Here are some pictures of our cat Genny helping me pack today. By the way, Genny is being shipped to Costa Rica too, albeit by a much more luxurious method than a shipping box.

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