I’m Back!

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
My husband and I, plus our cat, moved to Costa Rica in May. It has been a wonderful adventure and we love living in Atenas, a small town and farming community in the Central Valley. You can follow our adventures here.
We stayed at a finca (farm) for a month before moving into our house. While there, we were fortunate to be introduced to a breeder of Paso Fino horses and were invited to visit. Jose showed us his mares, foals and a lovely grey stallion. One of the mares and her foal is owned by Magda, who also owns the fruit finca we were staying at.
As a thank you to Magda and Jose, I sketched a drawing for each of them – one of Jose’s stallion and one of Magda’s foal. They seemed very pleased to get them.
My materials were very limited – two pencils, one with an eraser, a pencil sharpener and two pieces of paper. Just shows what one can do with not very much.
My next goal is to buy some art supplies!

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