Paint Supplies At Last!

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
Yesterday I placed an order with Art Depot’s online store. It was so easy. Only one item was out of stock and they sent me an e-mail suggesting a substitution.
Just received another e-mail telling me the order has been shipped. It will come from Art Depot’s store in Escazu via the regular bus service and I’ll pick it up somewhere in Atenas Centro – near the bus station I think. It’s very common to ship things around Costa Rica on the buses – they all have the big luggage storage areas underneath.
So I should have everything by tomorrow. I went wild and ordered a bunch of acrylics, canvas, palette paper and a few “luxury” items, such as a cloth holder for my brushes.
My six month indolence period has officially ended and it’s back to painting. 

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