Simbólico de Atenas

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous

This painting recently sold and is now residing in Southern California. My client has indicated he is very pleased with it so that makes me happy.

This was my first time shipping a painting from Costa Rica to North America and it was an eye opener. The cost is very high.

I used to ship framed paintings from Canada to the USA at very reasonable cost. Mind you, I cleared them through US Customs myself, without going through a broker, and also figured out how to bring them back into Canada if they were returning from a U.S. show. I used FedEx from Blaine, WA, to anywhere in the U.S.

FedEx, and UPS, from Costa Rica to the USA is considered international shipping and even a 3 lb., unframed painting is very expensive to ship.

To the rescue: our friend, Michelle Gawenka who, along with her husband, Paul, operate Spider Monkey Rehab in San Ramón ( Michelle was travelling to Oregon so she very generously offered to take the painting with her.

Once the painting arrived in Oregon, I had UPS pick it up and deliver it to it’s new owner in Southern California.

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U Omond
HOW MUST DID U GET FOR IT ???????? Need I ask ?

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