18.00"x24.00" Mixed Media on Canvas


Description of Not Fade Away

This painting was created to be expressly donated to the 2012 HeART of the Horse  gala dinner and auction to benefit Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE) Horse Rescue based in Monroe, Washington.

Here is what my painting was intended to mean: “The title “Not Fade Away” was suggested by my husband after the painting was finished. It was the name of one of Buddy Holly’s songs and perfectly describes what I was trying to convey when painting this.

 The two horses depicted are actual Thoroughbreds who were being rehabilitated at the end of their racing careers, given a second chance and placed into caring adoptive homes. I met them at the New Stride Thoroughbred Adoption Society, Langley, British Columbia.

 I did one head in graphite with just the eye being featured in color and a bit of color on the halter and cheek to show that some horses “just fade away”, being abandoned, abused, forgotten. The other head is fully painted – the lucky horse who did “not fade away” and found a kind, decent owner, is well looked after and loved, and who has a renewed purpose in life.”

Here is what SAFE said about it:

My name is Bonnie Hammond, I’m one of the co-founders of SAFE. Jet just showed me the painting you created for HeART and the story behind it.  I’m struggling to find the words to express how moved I am by what you’ve created. Your painting so perfectly illustrates the happiness and the heartbreak of horse rescue. Thank you so much for creating something so special just for us. It’s an honor to be given such a beautiful work of art.

This unique equine portrait shows two horses, one of which is drawn in lightly colored graphite in the background, while the other is a fully-colored acrylic portrait in the foreground.

The foreground painting includes more detail, and depicts a chestnut ex-racehorse, with a white blaze, wearing a reddish leather halter.

Both horse’s eyes are deep, dark brown, full of intelligence and warmth, showing their good breeding and loyal nature.

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