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A Sneak Peek!

May 29, 2010 – I started this one last night and am happy with the progress so far. This will be shown at Equine Art 2010, Emerald Downs, Auburn, Washington, from July 8 to 11, 2010. The canvas is largish – 24×36 – and painting it in acrylics. Obviously, the right foreleg needs some adjustment… read more

May 27, 2010

Well, the pastel racehorse drawing wasn’t coming along to my liking, so I trashed it. Started an acrylic, then wondered how pastel would work on canvas with the acrylic. Interesting experiment but now I don’t like this half-finished painting. Off to the art shop today because I’ve run out of canvas and, if I keep… read more

Time to get to work

Almost the end of May – and I have two paintings to create and ship to Equine Art 2010, Auburn, Washington, by July 1st. Started one yesterday, a pastel, and it’s going fairly fast….unless I muck it up and decide it is truly dreadful. My second entry will be an acrylic. This is a great… read more

It’s Done!

Today I finished my painted umbrella for the Child Development Foundation of British Columbia. It will be sold at a charity auction, along with other painted umbrellas.   It was so much fun to do and I learned how to paint on fabric. As is usual with a new, untried project, I sought out the… read more

May 1st

Finally started painting my umbrella for the Child Development Foundation. In keeping with the cows I love to paint, my umbrella will feature cows wearing all sorts of rain hats.

Painting for a Good Cause

April 7, 2010 – The Child Development Foundation of British Columbia are looking for artists to paint their original artwork on one of the Foundation’s yellow umbrellas. The umbrellas will be sold at art auctions to help raise funds to support children with developmental disabilities. I’ve offered to paint an umbrella (or umbrellas, not sure… read more

Spring on the West Coast

February in southern B.C. was very mild this year and we’ve been enjoying the blooming bulbs, bushes and trees. Our 2010 Olympics were a huge success and attracted many visitors from all over the world. Now it is time to get painting!   Equine Art 2010, presented by the Washington Thoroughbred Foundation in conjunction with… read more

If We Don’t Blow Our Own Horn, Who Will?

Very excited and honored to have two of my three entries accepted into the Kamloops Cowboy Festival Art of the West Show, March 11-14, 2010, Kamloops, B.C.  They are “Breakaway” and “In The Moo’d”.    The Cowboy Festival’s website is www.bcchs.com.