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Scammers At It Again!

I’m getting more comments from fellow artists who are receiving scammy e-mails from fake people wanting to buy their work. You can read them under “comments”.   They are going after me again, too! Rolano Gray and Cain Taylor “from South Carolina” both contacted me this week. I told one of them the price for… read more

Paper and the Rainy Season

  We have been getting a taste of the rainy (or green) season in Costa Rica the last couple of weeks. We’ve been fortunate this year in that it’s been fairly dry since we arrived.   It just rains off and on all day and night. Sometimes it is little more than a mist, other… read more

Horses to Paint in Costa Rica

Although I haven’t yet purchased all the art supplies that I want, here’s a subject that is worthy of painting once I get my act together:       These horses were in the September 15th Independence Day parade held in Atenas. I love the colors in her skirt – she’s riding sidesaddle. 

Back In The Saddle, So To Speak

Last week, I bought a small box of colored pencils at one of our local shops in Atenas, Costa Rica. Very inexpensive and lots of good colors.       And that encouraged me to start the following drawing:    I just layer the colored pencils the same way I would with acrylic paints and… read more

2011 Kentucky State Fair

Here is a link to access live video of the 2011 Kentucky State Fair World Championship Horse Show:  http://www.asha.net. Thanks to my long time friend, Barry, in South Carolina for sending me this link.   I watched a class this morning on my computer and saw another long time horse friend of mine place in… read more

Getting Started Again

Yesterday, I bought a very nice pad of drawing paper at a shop in Atenas. 50 sheets, 330×381 mm, for $4.85 CAD. So I have a pencil with an eraser on the end and a pencil sharpener …. no more excuses! Plus I have a couple of ideas to get started with.   The next… read more

Costa Rican Sketches

Here is one of the sketches I did for Magda and Jose to thank them for their kindnesses to us.         Magda’s foal    

I’m Back!

My husband and I, plus our cat, moved to Costa Rica in May. It has been a wonderful adventure and we love living in Atenas, a small town and farming community in the Central Valley. You can follow our adventures here.   We stayed at a finca (farm) for a month before moving into our… read more

Sabbatical in Costa Rica

This is what my studio looks like right now. I’m packing up my paintings to be stored for the next year.    We’ll be living in furnished, rented accommodation so we don’t need to bring too much with us. Can’t bring oil and acrylic paints on board a plane, but will bring my brushes.  … read more

Moving and Art

We are getting down to the last few weeks before our move to Costa Rica. Today I started preparing my paintings for storage.   We went to Rona and bought five pipe insulation tubes, but I’ll have to get more.  Home Depot also sells them. They are perfect for wrapping around the edges of paintings… read more