Diana's Painting Journal

"John Henry"

Just posted - a commission I did for Lynda Rivington, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - a painting of her lovely Hackney pony "John Henry". Many thanks to Peggy Binns for taking the photograph that is displayed here. I think this was one of the most complicated paintings I have done because of the harness…(continue reading)

Costa Rica Siesta

I have finished another painting. This one is of a local Atenas, Costa Rica, horse having a siesta. My friend, Diane Reid, took the reference photo and gave me permission to paint it. This was a different kind of painting for me. Yes, it has a horse but all the shadows made it intriguing. It seemed...(continue reading)

Still Here!

I have been painting a lot this year. The trouble with me is that I am slow. But, I did finish a commission and it is now in the hands of it's new owner, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...(continue reading)