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Art in Atenas – Second Show

The Atenas Painters Association is holding its second show this weekend at Hotel Colinas del Sol, Calle Boqueron, Atenas, Costa Rica.   Hours: Saturday, August 27, 2-7pm. Sunday, August 28, 2-5pm.    This show is being held in memory of Gordon Balter, our friend and neighbor who believed there were enough talented artists in Atenas… read more

2016 – A New Year

Another year has passed so fast and here we are in a brand new year. Although I haven’t posted many of my new paintings here, I plan to do so very soon. I have three new paintings to post – a pig, a goat and a young calf.


“Tranquilo” is finished at last. I will let it sit for a couple of weeks and then varnish it. This gallery wrapped canvas has sides that are two inches deep so I carried over the grasses, sky, cow and tree leaves around to the sides. On one side, I painted a cattle egret. Here in… read more

Progress of a Painting

I’ve decided to photograph the different stages of a painting I have just started. You can follow it here: http://www.dianasmostaricablog.blogspot.com

Painting of “D.o.g.”

I just finished this painting of “D.o.g.”, our next door neighbor’s beautiful Border Collie. D.o.g. is typical of her breed – very smart and very active. My reference photo was taken by her owner and, of course, I had the real dog to observe any time I wanted! She is holding in her mouth a… read more

En tandem/In Tandem

This painting is the largest one I have ever done – 34″ x 42″. The subject matter is a team of oxen that were in the annual Atenas, Costa Rica, oxcart parade in 2013. Atenas is the town we live in, located in the Central Valley. The Brahma breed of cattle is quite common here.… read more

“John Henry”

Just posted – a commission I did for Lynda Rivington, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – a painting of her lovely Hackney pony “John Henry”. Many thanks to Peggy Binns for taking the photograph that is displayed here. I think this was one of the most complicated paintings I have done because of the harness and the… read more

Costa Rica Siesta

I have finished another painting. This one is of a local Atenas, Costa Rica, horse having a siesta. My friend, Diane Reid, took the reference photo and gave me permission to paint it. This was a different kind of painting for me. Yes, it has a horse but all the shadows made it intriguing. It… read more

Still Here!

I have been painting a lot this year. The trouble with me is that I am slow. But, I did finish a commission and it is now in the hands of it’s new owner, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Colores de Costa Rica/Colors of Costa Rica.

I just finished this … an oxen that was part of a team participating in the annual Atenas, Costa Rica, oxcart parade last year. The team was beautifully turned out, with polished horns finished with gold tips and ribbons. Both oxen wore body ribbons in the national colors of Costa Rica. This painting is acrylic… read more