Post-Christmas Musings

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
Enduring the final days of a head and chest cold (what other kinds are there, I suppose). Great opportunity to say ix-nay to housework and cooking. We never did have a Christmas dinner but there was nothing wrong with the sushi we enjoyed at a local Cloverdale restaurant …. it’s healthy, light on the stomach and the tea and saki warm the cockles. Ideas for painting are percolating in the ol’ brain but I haven’t lifted so much as a pencil.
Sick days are also good for surfing around the internet. I noticed my Google analytics show that most of the visits to this site come from our good friends to the south of us – thank you, U.S. citizens! and thank you for the wonderful art shows you put on all year. When my work is accepted into a show in the U.S., I always feel so thrilled and proud. There just do not seem to be as many shows for the equine and cattle artist in Canada.
Now there is something I can go and do ….. search for Canuck cattle art shows.

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