Another Art Scam Approach!

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
Different name, same silliness. Here is what I received today:
Hello there,

My name is Wayne Dickson and am from Texas. Was going through your works and love this piece.What’s your final price for it and am really interested in purchasing the

Thanks and i await your response.

Because this nut bar mentioned one of my cow paintings in the subject line, and because he claims he is from Texas, for one nano second I thought it might be legit. “What’s your final price” is the warning phrase – my price is what is stated on my website. Mr. Dickson and myself have not yet entered into final negotiations. Heck, we haven’t even met!
I Googled “Wayne Dickson” and found this really helpful site:
So, gentle fellow artists, beware and take care.

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