My Big News

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
I haven’t mentioned this before now, because I wanted to make sure all our I’s were dotted and our T’s were crossed and now they are.
We are moving to Costa Rica! A year’s sabbatical …. sounds like heaven to me. We have never been there before but have been reading so much about this wonderful country on line and through various ex-pat groups who already live there that we feel as if we have visited.
One thing I do know, they have cattle and horses and that is all I need to keep on painting. I will bring my tube paints and brushes with me and a few other “can’t live without” items. My paintings will be stored for the next year. Might try bringing a few with me but I’m not sure – we’ll have enough luggage as it is.
So that is my reason for being remiss in blogging and not painting very much recently. There is so much to do before we leave at the end of May.
Just have one painting to finish and to donate to the Save A Forgotten Equine folk in Washington State….I really want to get it done soon. 

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