Paper and the Rainy Season

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
We have been getting a taste of the rainy (or green) season in Costa Rica the last couple of weeks. We’ve been fortunate this year in that it’s been fairly dry since we arrived.
It just rains off and on all day and night. Sometimes it is little more than a mist, other times it is heavier. My tomato plants are not happy. This is very much like winter weather in Vancouver, B.C.
The dampness does strange things to paper, so I have my drawing paper stash lying flat in a cupboard that has screened air vents.
I’ve been wondering if work completed on paper can be varnished to protect it from damp. Golden Artists Colors have a lot of good information on the subject. Also, David Langevin,
Kamloops, B.C., discusses the subject on his website.
Anyway, I’m going to experiment with the idea, especially with acrylic on paper. 

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