Painting in Progress

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
I usually do not like showing a painting in progress to anyone because:
(1) I never know exactly what it will finally look like, even though I have a plan in my head;
(2) I might throw it out half way through;
(3) Parts of the painting are not finished;
(4) Everyone gets to see all the work-in-progress errors!
That being said, I am risking all by posting the current painting I am working on:
 Please bear in mind that I took this picture while the canvas was resting against a chair outside and I don’t have a tripod for the camera.
My uncle Omond lives in High River, Alberta, Canada, and he often drives around the countryside taking photos of cattle and horses for me. This is a longhorn steer that he found standing in a field of dried grass. I liked the way the whole field of grass was waving against this one steer. 
That’s the image I have been trying to capture with paint. The steer is not finished – I have a lot of detail to add to him yet.   
Thanks for reading my painting blog! 

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