Art Buyer Scams

by Diana Miskell in Miscellaneous
I don’t know how many, if any, artists read this blog or even if anyone reads it. Thought I’d post this warning anyway – although no doubt any artist with a website has already had a scam artist approach them.
It’s happened to me before and it happened again the other day. This time it was a dude named Roger Cave from South Carolina who really liked one of my paintings (sometimes they select a lot of them) and asked my final price and how I ship – even though all this info is clearly available on this site.
For fun, I replied – then came the second email from Roger Dodger – much longer and with lots of grammar and spelling mistakes. He was apparently off to India on a biz trip, then relocating to the U.K. so he’ll have his shipper pick up the painting, and if I give him my address & phone number he’ll just send me a certified cheque. The cheque of course would be counterfeit or fradulent.
Anyway, never ever deal with these kinds of emails. Never give your phone number or address. There is tons of info on these nasty people on the internet – good idea to keep ourselves educated and safe.

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