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I’m Back!

My husband and I, plus our cat, moved to Costa Rica in May. It has been a wonderful adventure and we love living in Atenas, a small town and farming community in the Central Valley. You can follow our adventures here.   We stayed at a finca (farm) for a month before moving into our… read more

Sabbatical in Costa Rica

This is what my studio looks like right now. I’m packing up my paintings to be stored for the next year.    We’ll be living in furnished, rented accommodation so we don’t need to bring too much with us. Can’t bring oil and acrylic paints on board a plane, but will bring my brushes.  … read more

Moving and Art

We are getting down to the last few weeks before our move to Costa Rica. Today I started preparing my paintings for storage.   We went to Rona and bought five pipe insulation tubes, but I’ll have to get more.  Home Depot also sells them. They are perfect for wrapping around the edges of paintings… read more

Not Painting, But It’s Just a Short Pause

Terrible, terrible – I have not painted a thing in a month or more because of our impending move to Costa Rica for a year’s sabbatical. There’s a half-finished painting on my easel but I cannot see getting it done in the near future.   We’re scheduled to leave on May 26th. I think I… read more

Find Some Time To Paint!

Right now, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to do that before we leave for Costa Rica.   I have one painting half finished that I want to donate to Save A Forgotten Equine for their charity auction in the fall. It sits there looking at me ….    Once I do finish it… read more

My Big News

I haven’t mentioned this before now, because I wanted to make sure all our I’s were dotted and our T’s were crossed and now they are.   We are moving to Costa Rica! A year’s sabbatical …. sounds like heaven to me. We have never been there before but have been reading so much about… read more


Here is what I am working on now. It’s an acrylic on canvas portrait of “Haley”, a horse rescued by Save A Forgotten Equine (S.A.F.E.) in Washington State.   Haley has the most amazing eyes – so golden. Every time I work on this painting, the Beatle’s song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” enters my… read more

The Trail of Painted Ponies

The Trail of Painted Ponies are holding a National Art Competition this year. I sent in a design submission and they advised me it was received and catalogued in their image library. Top designs in each category will be featured for friends and family to vote on from June 1 to 15 on their official website.… read more

Another Art Scam Approach!

Different name, same silliness. Here is what I received today:   “Hello there, My name is Wayne Dickson and am from Texas. Was going through your works and love this piece.What’s your final price for it and am really interested in purchasing the piece. Thanks and i await your response. Wayne.”   Because this nut bar… read more

Shipping Is An Art

Up bright and early this morning to ship “Babycheeks” to the 2011 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo show “Equine Art In The Park”, March 11-13, Denver, CO.   We have it down to a science – clear U.S. Customs at the Pacific Highway crossing (aka “the truck crossing”),  have breakfast at Big Al’s in Blaine, WA.,… read more